The Begining

Based on the need to enhance the participation of women in the Nation's economy, a Women's cell was set up in the Ministry of Labour, Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGE&T), with assistance from Swedish International Development / International Labour Organization. DGE&T (w) conducted an all India fesibility study for expansion & diversification of Vocational traing program for women. As an outcome of this study, the womens Vocational traing programe was Designed & Launched in the year 1977.

The Director General of Employment and Training (DGE&T) has henceforth been reorganised and named " Dorector General Of Training (DGT) under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.

The programme amied at providing wide range of equitable opportunities for skill training to women so as to bring them into the main stream of the Nation's economic activities.

The women's Cell at DGT is entrusted with planning, executing, pursuing long term policies for vocational training of women in areas having high employment potential including self employment potential, thereby increacing women's participation in economic and social development of the country.


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NSTI wishes you Constitution Day 2020

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all Its citizens: 

     JUSTICE, social, economic and political;   LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

     EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all 

     FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and Integrity of the Nation; 

     WE DO HEREBY give to ourselves this constitution.